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Welcome To Tribulation Central! This web site is committed to examine the pre-tribulation rapture compared to the scriptures.  I urge you to challenge your mind and examine the contents here in these articles and what others are saying in theirs.


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When The Lord Jesus Shall be Revealed. This one's a must read for Pre-tribbers, Mid-Tribbers,  and "Pan-tribbers." Post-tribbers are also encouraged to read this article.

He Who Restrains: A Study in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2  (Revised) Is The Holy Spirit or the church the one who restrains the Anti-christ?

Absence of The Holy Spirit (a supplement to He Who Restrains) What is the role of the Holy Spirit and will He be absent with the church during the tribulation?

Signs And Lying Wonders (a supplement to He Who Restrains) Is it possible to be saved after the Man of Lawlessness is revealed when you reject Christ before then?

With A Shout! Is there a secret pre-trib rapture of the church? 

Not Destined For Wrath: A Study in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5  We in Christ are not destined for wrath. Does this guarantee a pre-trib rapture?  Or should we be on the alert on the day of the Lord, after the Tribulation?

The Day of the Lord (a supplement to Not Destined For Wrath) Are there signs that precede the day of the Lord? Or is the day of the Lord the pre-trib Rapture?

Like A Thief  (a supplement to Not Destined For Wrath) Does Christ come "like a thief" before the tribulation?

Wrath (of God) (a supplement to Not Destined For Wrath) In this article, we look through scripture and examine the wrath of God.

Persecution (a supplement to Not Destined For Wrath)  In this article we look into what Jesus said concerning persecution.

Twinkling of an Eye  Will we be changed and raptured into heaven and when will the dead in Christ be raised?

The Blessed Hope  Is our blessed hope in the pre-trib rapture?



Be Like Unto Men That Wait for Their Lord (formerly Imminence) Does scripture teach imminence, an "any moment" pre-trib rapture? Or is Imminence another man-made doctrine?

Left Behind: A Study in Matthew Chapter 24 In this study we will determine if there are two comings and who is taken and who is left. 

Disciple (a supplement to Left Behind:) What is the meaning of disciple and does it apply to the Jews during the tribulation? 

Daniel's Seventieth Week (a supplement to Left Behind:) We look into the the seventy weeks and examine the seventieth week.

The Elect (a supplement to Left Behind:) Are the elect the Jews only or do they also include the church?

Take To One's Self (a supplement to Left Behind) Are the verses in Matthew 24 and John 14 a valid reason for a pre-trib rapture?

My Father's House Did Jesus return to Heaven to build mansions and will come again to rapture His own before the tribulation?

Jesus Sits at the Right Hand of Power After his ascension, Jesus is seated, but until when?



In Like Manner Does Acts Chapter one reveal a two-staged coming?

Until I Make Thy Foes Thy Footstool When is Jesus' foes made His Footstool?

Heaven Must Receive Jesus Until... How Long Must Heaven receive Jesus?



The Perfect Shall Remain and Never be Removed What were Solomon's words concerning the Righteous and Upright?

With Flames of Fire We look at scripture from three different books and look at verses containing "Flames of Fire" in  relation to the Lord's Coming.

Millennium Reproduction Is it necessary to separate the rapture from the second coming for the "tribulation saints" to repopulate the millennium, or does scripture say otherwise?

Literal Interpretation of Scripture Do pre-tribulational dispensationalists have a constant literal interpretation of scripture?

Pre-Trib Double Standard  When presenting their view on pre-tribulationalism, are they consistent with scripture or is a double-standards applied?

Hal Lindsey-Truth or Consequences COMING LATER.



Write in a Book and Send it to The Seven Churches Who is the book of Revelation written for? Is it for the Tribulation Saints and the Jews or to the Church?

The Seven Churches This study gives a look into the seven churches

  The Hour of Temptation Will Jesus keep us from the hour of temptation through a pre-trib rapture?

John in The Spirit Was John raptured with the twenty-four elders or was he seeing a vision?

 Come Up Hither Does the scene in Revelation Chapter 4 describe the rapture of the church? And are twenty-four elders raptured with John?

The Seven Seals This study examines the contents of the Seven Seals, the 144,000 and the great multitude.

The Seven Trumpets This study examines the contents of the Seven Trumpets and Two Witnesses.

The Woman, The Child, And The Beasts This study examines the woman with Child and the rest of her offspring the devil and his cohorts (Anti-christ and false prophet), the 144,000 firstfruits, the harvest and wrath.

Mark Of The Beast This study on the Mark and codes and symbols that use the mark.

The Seven Bowls This study examines the contents of the Seven Bowls.

The Description And Destruction of Babylon This study examines Babylon and her destruction.

The Wedding And The Lord's Coming  We cover the wedding and the Lord's Coming

The Resurrections And The Millennium       




Origins of The Pre-Trib Rapture? Did Jesus introduce the pre-trib rapture doctrine or Paul or the apostles? If they didn't, when was the Pre-trib rapture introduced?



A Response to Ron Rhodes' "The Doctrine of the Tribulation in Relation to the Rapture" 

A Response to Ron Rhodes'  "Summary of Problems With Posttribulationalism"

A Response to Grant Jeffrey's  "Why Do Some Teach That the Church Will Endure the Tribulation"





Pre-Trib Hypocrisy!

Deceiving And Being Deceived

  Revisers of Pretrib Rapture History

  Pretrib Rapture Diehards

  Thomas Ice's Bloopers



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