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The Coming Drought

By John Benjamin




Dear Friends,


In the end time Bible chapters like Matthew 24, Jesus said that there would be FAMINES near the time of His Second Coming. Famines are caused by DROUGHT and resultant crop failure! Right now we are experiencing drought in 39 states comparable TO THE DUST BOWL DAYS OF THE 1930'S!


During the first week of October 2002, ABC news reported, "The drought has now reached the proportions that it is being called THE WORST DROUGHT IN RECORDED HISTORY!" So it sounds like this is a pretty serious thing that we have going on here!? They said it is WORLD WIDE, and not just in America. Then they showed a map of the world and said that it is the worst in Asia, Russia, and Africa.


So I don't see how we cannot experience massive crop failures and water shortages from this!? Already this is what is happening in states like Colorado, where cities are fighting with other cities over what little dab of water they have left. The ground is dry as desert, two feet deep!


So this doesn't look so good!? If you are familiar with end time  prophecies like those in the Book of Joel, we could be possibly entering this period!? The purpose of it, according to Joel, is to turn us to NATIONAL REPENTANCE, where we really get down to business with God and really get right with Him with our whole hearts!!! Please read through Joel, and pray about this!? It's only 3 chapters long.


We know that we are living in the end times, because of certain events such as the formation of the modern nation of Israel. So therefore when we hear of an event of such magnitude as "the greatest drought in recorded history," there is a good chance that this could have something to do with the coming great end time famines that have been prophesied also to occur at this same time.


We may actually be entering this end time period the Bible speaks of!? If not, we may entering the beginning of a large cycle that eventually leads UP to this terrible end time period described in Joel!? I really feel strongly, by what I believe is the "urging" of the Holy Spirit, that there is really something profound and "Biblical" to this present drought  that we should really begin paying serious attention to!


So what should we do to prepare? Should we do anything in the physical?  What is the Lord's counsel on this subject? What did people do before in times past in the Bible? Well in the days of Joseph in Egypt, God had Joseph warn them to store up grain and food in advance, for a coming time of famine; and this provided for the Hebrews during that terrible time.God also had Noah store food to put on the Ark.


So there are a couple of Biblical examples!? Many promises in the Psalms state that God will provide for us during times of Famine. But does this mean that we are not to make any preparations at all ourselves? He CAN and WILL drop manna out of heaven, and make two small fishes and five loaves into a meal for 5,000; --when He HAS to, and there is no other way!?




But if the Lord warns us in advance, like He did Joseph of old; then perhaps He wants us to take it upon ourselves to make some preparations, and to do all we can to prepare for coming calamities!? John 16:13 says that the Holy Spirit will warn us of "things to come;" obviously so we can make preparations!? Perhaps this is ONE of the ways the Lord provides for us during times of famine; by warning us in advance to

prepare ahead!?


"But Jesus said to take no thought for tomorrow!?" "Not concerning what you shall eat, or what you shall wear!?" Yes He did, but we have to consider the CONTEXT these passages were said in; to whom, and why!? In most of the areas where Jesus said this; He was speaking to folks that He was trying to get to follow Him and become His disciples, and they were questioning Him, "well if we quit our jobs and leave our families and follow you, how will we get food, and how will we get clothing?"


Jesus had to reassure them that, "the laborer is worthy of his hire," and that if they chose to commit themselves to Him and become traveling missionaries, He would provide for them through the support and help of others, as well as "multiplying the loaves and fishes" when and where it was absolutely necessary! He told them not to let anything stop them from putting God first and following Him.


But for those of us who are NOT called to be travelling missionaries, living in other people's homes and eating the food they provide, perhaps the Lord expects us to take SOME thought for these things, especially when He warns us in advance of coming troubles, like this possible famine that is on the horizon!?


Or perhaps He just means that we are not to take "worried, anxious thought for these things??" However this does NOT mean that we should not make any preparations at all for coming calamities when He warns us of them in advance! We might be providing for some of His travelling missionaries in our homes during the coming times of trouble! PTL!?


Anyway; all that to say this: We each might give some serious thought and prayer to putting back storage supplies right now while we can still get them!? Foods that keep for a long time, like canned goods; and staples; like beans, wheat, rice, pastas, oatmeal, salt, sugar, etc... water, medical supplies, soaps and toiletries; THINGS THAT MAY BECOME IN SHORT SUPPLY AND GREAT DEMAND SOON! It only makes good sense to do this!


"He that provideth not for his own is worse than an infidel." We may not be able to get an abundance of these things soon!? We went through these types of shortages in the 30's and also in World War II with the gas and food rationing. These things happen often in times of war. We have war looming on the horizon right now.


Things may be a lot more serious for our nation than we realize right now!? I really feel very strongly that GREAT NATIONAL HUMBLING is coming! Rather than some sort of "lip-service" repentance, (like Congress singing "God bless America") I think the Lord is going to bring us to our knees for a dose of the REAL THING!


The STOCK MARKET has now gone down steadily for 5 quarters, and is poised to go clear under. A report out of Germany last week said that the Commerzbank, (3rd largest in Germany) is right now teetering on the brink and ready to collapse and take the rest of the world's markets down with it into a 1930's style crash!


Many of our elderly have already lost their retirements, ALL that they worked so hard for, for so many years!


This great national humbling has started, and I fear that many of us have "ears that have waxed dull of hearing," like the Pharisees of old; who Jesus said, could forecast the weather, but couldn't see the signs of their own times!? As Christians, we should be very sober right now and praying for all these things, and taking proper precautions!? Jesus said to "watch" for these signs.


Throughout the decade of the 90's many Christians were hearing reports of this kind from the great Christian economists like Larry Burkett, and Donald S. McAlvany. Many were taking heed to their warnings and beginning to store up food and supplies, and then the devil came along with his y2k bomb and put a stop to everything!


Many people initially started to stock up on supplies necessary to survive these coming global problems, and then when y2k came and went, and nothing happened; they felt like idiots, sold their supplies, and now they don't even want to listen when a message like this is given. Isn't that just like the devil! What perfect timing!? Now, when the economy IS about to crash, and food and water shortages loom off in the

"not-so-far-off distance," nobody is even turning a "deaf ear" to such things! Don't you be deceived by it! PREPARE NOW! The next few years may really get tough!? -OR; the next few years after that!? We may go to war, and also suffer major drought, famine, and shortages of all kinds! This is entirely possible; and with the "handwriting on the wall" of "drought in 39 states," this now looks VERY PROBABLE!?


If it doesn't, and things go back to normal for a while, then "so what!?" Rotate your supplies and get more. Give some to the poor in your area. It makes a great witnessing tool. Then once again restock your supplies; as these things ARE most likely coming sometime soon for sure; either that, or the Bible isn't the truth!? I'm sorry, but I am for opting in favor of the Bible!?


Think of it as a form of "insurance!?" We have car insurance, life insurance, house insurance, many different forms of insurance; EXCEPT the type we need for such emergencies as our nation already went through in the depression and dust bowl of the 30's, and World War II. -A good personal reserve of needed supplies in each home to get us through tough times! I'll bet people back then wished they'd thought of doing this before they faced severe crop failures and rationing!? We should take a

lesson from history!


Better do it NOW while there is an abundance of these things, and it is still legal, and won't put a strain on the existing food supply. In the days ahead, as supplies begin to dwindle, anti-hoarding laws will go into effect which will prevent us from doing this. This also happened before in the terrible days of the 1930's and WW II, as laws such as this were passed. Again; take a lesson from history!


Start rinsing out and keeping your 2 liter pop bottles and filling them with water; put in a half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide for purification. It keeps for a long time this way and is drinkable with the peroxide! Purchase quantities of canned goods, and dried goods like beans, rice and pasta. Store dried goods in sealed containers with bay leaves to keep out bugs.


To prevent bugs from hatching from eggs already in the product, heat it in a roast pan in your oven for 2 hours at 150-200 degrees. This doesn't hurt the product nutritionally, and kills all bug eggs. Let it cool down and pour into the containers. (this even works on pasta and things like oatmeal) It keeps for YEARS when treated like this. The containers have to have a good tight seal, like glass jars with screw-on lids, or plastic

"poly-buckets" with a rubber sealing ring in the snap on lid.


Take a napkin and put a tablespoon of PLAIN salt (not iodized) in it and fold it up tightly so the salt cannot spill out, and put it in with the grain or beans. It acts like a "desi-pak" to draw out moisture. Get some canned meats, vegetables, and fruit, and consider growing a garden. Potatoes may need lots of fertilizer like manure, but carrots don't; they need lime, so you may have to lime the soil for them to grow

big. Put back some medical supplies and toiletries and soaps and all. Anything extra the Lord might show you. You may be very glad you did soon if we indeed enter this time. We did in World War II. This may be World War III !!?


Perhaps I'm "jumping the gun," and all this is coming at a later time!? But it would still be better err on the side of being prepared! Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! .or, any way to GET it at that point!? It may come in handy for even smaller disasters such as tornadoes, fires, flooding, and other natural disasters

that seem to be occurring with a greater frequency now each year. To me, that is also a sign of the end.


Jesus said that we are supposed to "watch" and be sober for these end time events. It is a commandment. The "head in the sand" approach some folks take, of not paying any attention at all to these kind of things, and to just assume that the Lord will take care of it all anyway. so Ho Hum... I'm not going to get involved or do anything." is not the right attitude to have toward serious coming events like this!?


That's like the man on the housetop in the flood waiting for the Lord to rescue him. Along comes a man in a boat, but the man refuses help, saying that the Lord will deliver him. Along comes a helicopter and throws down a rope.and again the man says no, "the Lord will rescue me." Well he drowns, and in heaven questions the Lord why He didn't rescue him, and the Lord says, "Hey, I sent you a boat, and a helicopter!?" Sometimes we have to do some practical things.


We should do all that we can, and then He will do what we can't! If it takes a miracle at that point, then that's what He'll send; but not to the lethargic who pay no heed to His warnings given in advance! If we go to all this trouble to prepare, and a fire, storm, or flood takes it all away, and we are left empty-handed, the Lord will drop manna out of heaven for us, or provide in whatever miraculous way is needed; because we at least tried! But if we just blow it off because we are spiritually "lazy" and don't want to have to deal with this kind of stuff; expecting God to just do it all, He may let us suffer for our own foolishness in not obeying His warnings when He gave them.


The proverb says, "the prudent man forseeth the evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on and are punished." We should pay attention when the Lord warns us and act accordingly. Pray and ask the Lord yourself if this advice is from Him, and if you should pay any attention to this message? Give it some serious thought and prayer. The lives of you and your family might depend on it down the road.


This is not all that is on the horizon for us. Many more things are coming down the pike. At the end of this letter are some excellent Christian ministries that are warning folks to prepare for these things. Please tune in and listen to them. Here are the web site addresses of some of them that are my favorites, and phone numbers where you can call in and order their newsletters. Please pray about listening to these

folks nightly, and preparing accordingly. 


No matter what your view on the rapture is, we may go through tough times even if you consider ANY view on the rapture!? (pre, mid, or post) It doesn't matter! Other Christians have all down through time in every century. What makes us any different?


Ancient Israel would not pay any attention to the prophets the Lord sent to warn her. Are we going to learn a lesson from them, and listen to the messengers of warning the Lord is presently sending to us? Or will we, like the Pharisees of Christ's time; turn a deaf ear to such things!

They say "hindsight is 20/20!" For once, let's make "FOREsight 20/20!" Our success and failure as Christians may depend on this, as well as our very lives!


***Here are some important Christian Websites that are preparing folks for HARD TIMES AHEAD and preaching the truth about what is coming:(PLEASE tune in and listen to live shows on the web, recent shows you can hear at any time, regular radio listings, as well as ordering their NEWSLETTERS! Share this information with your Church and friends! We OWE it to them, if we truly love them!) GET PREPARED~!!! (with Dr. Stanley Monteith) Call: 1-800-544-8927 (Gary Kah : Christian author) Call: 317-290-4673 (David J. Smith) Call: 1-800-516-8736 (Donald S. McAlvany) Call: 1-800-525-9556



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