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Coming Troubles

By John Benjamin


Dear Friends,


When Jesus spoke to the multitudes in His day, He would often say, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!?" Not everyone got the point or understood the Lord's deeper messages; only those who were following closely. So likewise, in this generation the Lord is still speaking to us and trying to reach us through many different means and events. He still cries, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."


To anyone who is familiar with end time Bible prophecy, events are occurring now weekly, and sometimes even nightly on the news, that are literally JUMPING off the pages of our Bibles and SCREAMING at us! Yet  few seem to see what is coming!? The demands of our everyday living are so pressing that few take time to read, pray, or reflect on these things. 


Our nation is presently entering into dark and troubled waters; yet few seem to perceive!? We are entering into a time of great national peril and uncertainty! But we are proud, cocky, and overconfident, that we can handle anything, and that nothing and nobody can stop us! We are the world's greatest super power!!! But I fear that this type of "pride" comes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction, as the proverb says.

After victory in WW II we have risen to our present level of "super power" status, but we were an entirely different people in WW II! Back then, we were a more humble people; a more serious and sober people. We weren't so "cock sure" of ourselves! At first, we were the "underdog!" Hitler looked unstoppable and unbeatable!? We were in a much more humble spirit, and many cried out to the Lord in our nation, and He heard and

delivered us, from what we at first considered a "superior foe!" At the time, Hitler seemed to be just taking over everyplace he went by the overwhelming power of his "blitzkriegs," or lightning fast raids.


Having lived in Wichita, Kansas as a child, where they built the B-17's and B-29's at Boeing Aircraft Co; I'd like to tell you some of the stories of what I've heard it was like during those days. As you read this, try to compare the "spirit" and the "mood" of our nation back then to what it is today in our modern era: Back then people in Wichita feared that at any time Hitler's bombers would fly over and bomb Boeing and Wichita itself. During part of the war, Wichita had a block captain assigned to each block who would go up and down the street blowing a whistle at 8:00 PM, and all lights had to go out, and there were often curfews. A German bombardier could use the light from one window to zero in for a bombing raid! That is where Wichita's present tornado siren

system came from. These sirens were originally made as air raid sirens to warn of Hitler's approaching bombers.


They had the big huge search lights in place in various parts of the city, to scan the skies at night for German bombers and fighter planes. I remember seeing these as a kid at the big outdoor movie drive-in's. They became a novelty after the war, and would often be displayed criss-crossing the sky at night, during public events, in a much more light hearted spirit. But can you imagine the fear produced during a suspected raid, or a test drill, by a half a dozen of them scanning the darkened night skies, with air raid sirens blaring loudly? They hadn't invented radar yet, so the only way they knew if they were coming was if they could "eyeball" them from ship as they crossed the Atlantic and radio the rest of the country! Even though this scenario, fortunately, never transpired; people were still much more sober, humble, and seeking  God during this horrendous period in our national history!


Most of the better meat and produce went to the war effort; so many people raised rabbits and chickens in their back yards, in pens, for their meat; and grew potatoes and other vegetables in "victory gardens" anywhere in their yard they could find space. There was gasoline and food rationing of goods like flour, and if you used up your ration too quickly for the month, you were out of luck. People were quite poor as

compared to now. 


People would gather around the family radio each night to hear the day's news of the war. Many were the prayer groups that cropped up. Churches were full! As a nation, we were much more humble and seeking God. There was a spirit of fear and uncertainty as to whether we could win the war or not, and people were in a humble spirit of crying out to the Lord for His help and protection. Almost every family had someone, or several someone's fighting in that war, and many families had someone dear to them that they LOST in that war; and many families had MORE than one!


Many of the women and wives left behind, worked non-stop in shifts throughout the day and night at Boeing, feverishly building the airplanes needed to fly in the war; the "Rosie the Riveters" as Norman Rockwell portrayed in his famous painting! They worked often in a spirit of fear, sweat, and toil; as if the very war depended on their day's work building that airplane!? AND IT DID!? People had to come together and work hard, fight hard, and pray hard, to whip Hitler and the Japanese! There was a

much more sober spirit throughout the land! 


Things were certainly different in this country back then as compared tonow!? Now after 50 years of uninterrupted prosperity we have become exactly the opposite of what we were back then. We have become much more materialistic, and our lives revolve around our fancy cars, homes, TV's, gadgets, and luxury items; and our incessant quest for pleasure and enjoyment above all else. We think we don't need God anymore, and have thrown Him out of our schools, public places, and most every aspect of our lives. 


Many of our schools and Universities are filled with the teachings of atheists, Marxists, humanists, and socialists; and have become "breeding grounds" for drugs, hedonism, and sexual depravity of the worst kind. Witch craft can be openly taught, and books on it can even be checked out from the library in many schools; but not the Bible!? Now our children are even shooting and killing each other, yet we don't seem to make any



A baby is no longer a precious and "sacred gift" from God. In our "pleasure driven society" abortion is the order of the day, where our children are taught to have sexual relations whenever they feel like it, with who ever they wish! It's just like eating a hamburger! Go on and fulfill your need; just use a condom, and if an "accident" happens, don't worry about aborting it; it's just "fetal tissue!?" We live in a "throw away" society. A disposable society. We don't repair things anymore; we just throw them away and buy new ones. We have carried this same concept over into the area of the abortion of unwanted babies! Self, and pleasing self come first!


We've taught our children that to get ahead by any means possible without regard to who you hurt along the way, is perfectly acceptable and normal behavior! After all, many of our political leaders and big businessmen got where they are at by this means! This same attitude appears to be what is driving some of our policy makers in Washington and big business!? And the great goal of all is to get as rich as possible, and have THINGS, THINGS, THINGS!!! 


Few people ever get deeper than this spiritually, and begin to seek for the deeper, more important values in life anymore. No one seems to care about the old fashioned values! They even call it, "having a World War Two mentality!?" That say's it all right there! There's the point! There's the difference! And now we are entering the most perilous times we will ever have faced as a nation, so "cock sure" of ourselves that we

can never be beaten, that we will do what ever we want no matter whether the rest of the world agrees with us or not!!! We are drunken with our own arrogance, and oblivious to the shocking realities of what may shortly appear on the horizon!


God may be about to judge this land and bring us back to our knees like we were in

WW II! I really feel strongly that GREAT NATIONAL HUMBLING IS COMING!!! We may face food shortages and rationing just as we did back then!? 


Already the handwriting is on the wall, yet few even in the religious community seem to see it coming! Have our "ears waxed dull of hearing" like the Pharisees of old? We now have DROUGHT IN 39 STATES COMPARABLE TO THE DUST BOWL DAYS OF THE 1930'S!!! Is anybody listening??? Does anybody have "ears to hear?" Jesus rebuked the Pharisees of His day for being "spiritually blind and deaf," and told them that, "They could discern the face of the sky and predict the weather; but they could not

discern the SIGNS OF THE TIMES!?"


The other day on the news they reported that the drought has now reached the proportions that it is being considered "THE WORST DROUGHT IN RECORDED HISTORY!!!" Is anybody hearing this??? Surely this is going to have an impact on the grocery stores!!? How can you have the greatest drought in world history and not have it impact the food reserves with massive crop failures, as well as the water reservoirs?


And this is only ONE, of a series of troubles that are coming upon us all at once! Many things are converging upon us all at once; that as a nation, one at a time, we could probably handle; but not all together at one time! We are facing a major full scale war, as well as smaller wars on many different fronts at the same time, yet with a reduced military! To do this, we must concentrate our troops overseas, and leave our homeland basically unprotected!


Do you think that the Russians and the Chinese are paying any attention to this? Have we become so na´ve that we really think that they are our dear friends now, who would never think of hurting us or attacking us in any way? Our top Generals know that they are not! Only our big businessmen and some of our Political leaders seem to be fooled by this!? ($$$) 


We may start out fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and end up dealing with the Russians and Chinese on our own soil, before all is said and done! Some military analysts even think that this is actually a long term strategy of those they now call the "new Soviets!?"


The Red Chinese now own the PANAMA CANAL for heaven's sake!? This one REALLY has some of our country's top military brass scratching their heads!? They can stop our ships from going from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in the event of war; AND they can reach us with even their medium range missiles and fighter aircraft from the canal!


In the future, when we are weakened from internal conflicts and problems, and our troops are exhausted, diversified, and expended overseas in smaller guerilla type conflicts which we cannot win, Russia and China may indeed actually try an invasion of our homeland!


Russia still has global objectives! I've read that every 39 days a new state of the art, Russian, "Acula class" twin engine submarine rolls off into the ocean to go out on patrol; armed with 10 new CRUISE type nuclear warheads that are, as of yet, basically unstoppable as compared to the old ICBM's! In some reports I've read, they say that there is now 11 times the armament sitting on the runways in Murmansk, that there was before the Berlin wall fell!? RUSSIA IS STILL OBVIOUSLY BUILDING FOR WAR AT A BREAKNECK PACE!? With whom??? The Eskimos?


Read Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 out of the Bible, and ask yourself, "who is the land of unwalled villiages spoken of here, where the people DWELL WITHOUT CARE, and have gotten cattle and riches and many material blessings?" And who is this "Chief Prince of Meshech?" (the ancient name for Moscow) .and his people "the Rosh?" (the Russians) There are TWO PLACES that are attacked in these chapters. The Prince of Moscow comes against the mountains of Israel, and at the same time it says, he decides he will ALSO go UP (not down, as to Israel) and attack the "land of unwalled villiages!?" (over the North Pole?) Any clue as to who this could be? Who is Israel's only friend in the world right now, who dwells "without care" and is very rich?


I really believe that before all is said and done, we WILL be back on our knees just as we were in WW II, against what we thought was a superior enemy, and that it will take AN ACT OF GOD TO SAVE US! Some of our own modern day true prophets of the Lord have even seen this very same scenario in visions from the Lord: namely, Henry Gruver, the Evangelist, Dimitru Duduman (who helped Brother Andrew smuggle over 300,000 Bibles into the former Soviet Union), Zelma Kirkpatrick, and A. A. Allen, to

name a few. This scenario is also believed and talked about by General Sir Walter Walker, a present NATO commander in Bosnia; in his book, "The Next Domino." So this is something we should certainly be paying attention to.


Some people in the prophetic community foresee America's present form of

Government crumbling in the wake of the coming wars, terrorist attacks, and internal troubles; such as economic collapse, power outages, food and water shortages; strikes and rioting. It may be replaced by a ruthless, strong-armed, police state government with United Nations troops patrolling the streets! They will disarm the civilian population and begin to ruthlessly crush and imprison all who refuse to go along with their "new world order!" Some see a United Nations takeover as Russia's

"vehicle" for the coming prophesied attack; and Russian and Chinese troops as part of a greater U.N. force, secretly led by the global socialists. 


Sadly, it appears that some people presently working within our own government actually WANT this scene to transpire; and are actually working WITH the forces of the coming world government to help bring this forth!? At the end of this letter is a listing of reputable Christian web sites that can verify these things, and that speak daily and nightly concerning these coming events. Please tune in and listen to these modern day "prophets" of the Lord and messengers of warning, and order their newsletters! Your very life could depend upon it, as well as the lives of your families and children! BE PREPARED! Share these things with your local church and friends. 


During this coming time of trouble, true Christians will be greatly persecuted; mainly in America; but also as a whole, worldwide. Perhaps this is the period Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24: 9 & 10, that is one of the signs of "the end." (also Daniel 11:33) We will probably be the greatest "resisters" to this coming "new world order" government; refusing to renounce Jesus Christ, and join the ranks of their "new-age"

government and religion!?


But no matter what order the specifics of this future scenario play themselves out in; right now we are most certainly faced with the possibility of massive drought, famine, and crop failures. We also face terrorist attacks; which will only multiply as we become embroiled in these other internal problems, as well as THE CRASH OF THE STOCK MARKET, WHICH IS POISED ON THE BRINK OF THE BIG ONE; a 1930's style crash that could put thousands out of work and totally bankrupt us!


The market has been steadily going down for 5 quarters, to unprecedented levels, and is right now poised to go clear under. There was a report out of Germany this week (2nd week of October, 2002) in the London Observer, that the Commerzbank, the third largest bank in Germany, is right now poised to go down and take the markets of the world with it into a 1930's style crash and depression! Many of our elderly have even

now lost their retirements, and all that they worked so hard for, for years! THE GREAT NATIONAL HUMBLING HAS STARTED, and most of us, like the Pharisees of old, are too spiritually "blind" and oblivious to what is happening, to see it!?


All these things are converging upon us at once! Doesn't ANYONE have "ears to hear?" What should we do to prepare? "A prudent man forseeth the evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on and are punished," as the proverb says. The first thing we should do is to pray of course, and to get right with God ourselves! Pray for God's help and protection and supply through all that is coming! Another thing people should take serious stock in doing right now is to have a good, sound; FOOD, WATER, and SUPPLY STORAGE PROGRAM IN THEIR HOUSE! You may be very glad you did soon, and even be able to help your neighbors, relatives, and those around you who are unprepared for what may be about to transpire.


We have life insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, renter's insurance, home insurance, insurance for our businesses; every type of insurance except the kind we need for such situations as are about to transpire: the insurance of a good personal supply of FOOD; such as canned goods, and dried goods like beans, rice, wheat, and pasta; and WATER, as well as other important supplies like soaps, toiletries, medical supplies, and things that may become in short supply and great demand soon!

Everyone should have a good supply of these items on hand for what is coming! Is this Scriptural? Yes! God had Joseph tell Pharaoh to store up grain for a coming famine in Egypt, which fed the Hebrews during that terrible time. He had Noah store food to put on the Ark. Perhaps those who heed this call and prepare accordingly now will be all that we have to rely on to pull our nation through the tough times that are ahead!?


The Holy Spirit will often warn God's people in advance to prepare both spiritually AND physically for times of coming trouble. That's why it is so important to begin tuning in and listening to Christian speakers like the ones mentioned at the end of this letter. And concerning the food storage issue; perhaps this is HOW the Lord supplies much of the time for His people during time of famine. He doesn't always just drop "manna" out of heaven; but usually expects us to do all we can to be prepared for such calamities, especially when He warns us in advance!? Then He'll come through and do what we can't, and fill in any gaps with absolute MIRACLES like we read about in the Bible!

Back when I was a child of 12 years old, my foster parents had me cleaning and rotating a large supply of canned goods and dried goods in their garage. I asked my Dad why they had all this extra food, and he replied that they had lived through the depression of the 30's and suffered hunger which you can not imagine!!? .and that they were NOT going to be hungry anymore! He said that a banking collapse and

depression can come at any time! During the depression, they went for weeks at a time with nothing to eat and drink but flour and water! They literally nearly starved to death!


At the time I thought they were a bit eccentric, but years later I began to read the writings of the great Christian economists like Donald S.McAlvany, among others, and I didn't think they were so eccentric anymore. This man, and others, were saying the same things; and it only makes good sense to provide for our families in this way. He that provideth not for his own is worse than an infidel!? Every family should have some food, water, and important supplies on hand! It only makes good sense, and can often help out in other disaster related incidents, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, flooding, and all of the many such things that can strike at any time; as well as greater things like banking crashes, and global depression. The effects of Christian writers, like Mr. McAlvany, were having a great impact on the Christian world as a whole throughout the decade of the 90's, and many families were starting to respond by stocking up; and then the devil came along with his y2k bomb, and put a stop to everything! Hearing the alarms of y2k, many began to store up supplies, and then when nothing happened, they got rid of their supplies, felt like idiots, and now they don't even want to listen anymore when people talk about these kind of things! What PERFECT TIMING!? Now, when the economy IS about to crash, and food and water shortages loom nearby, in the not-so-far off distance, no one is even SLIGHTLY concerned about preparing anymore!? Satan is very clever! Are YOU falling for it?


Now we have become so desensitized by shocking story after shocking story on the news; that when something as devastating as "DROUGHT IN 39 STATES COMPARABLE TO THE DUST BOWL"-and- "THE GREATEST DROUGHT IN RECORDED HISTORY" is reported, we hardly turn a deaf ear to such things. NOBODY IS PAYING ANY ATTENTION ANYMORE! The devil put them all back to sleep after y2k and nobody is watching anymore for such dangerous things as are

ahead on the horizon for our country and the world! OUR EARS HAVE WAXED



A good book to read on the subject out of the Bible is the Book of Joel. It is a tiny book of only 3 chapters, but is all about the coming end time-world wide famine, national repentance, and really getting down to business with God and returning to Him with our WHOLE HEARTS! THIS IS REALLY WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!! Unless this comes FIRST and FOREMOST, all the preparation in the flesh, and the other things I've mentioned in this letter will be of NO AVAIL!


We may be indeed entering this cataclysmic, end time, famine period!? If not, and next year things go back to normal, "hey, so what!?" Rotate your food and start eating it and putting more back, or give it to the food bank in your local community, or to the poor, and buy more fresh! You can't lose by giving!? Jesus said so! Give and it shall be given unto you! It makes a great witnessing tool for the Lord. It only makes good sense to be prepared like this, and these events ARE COMING -- SOME TIME for sure anyway!? So you'll be ready if they do! If you wish, you can buy a specially prepared food reserve from Don McAlvany's folks by calling 1-800-525-9556.


You can also order his first-rate, hard hitting Christian Newsletter, "The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor," and stay abreast of many of these things I am speaking of in this letter yourself. Don is a devout Christian, and comes from a background in undercover intelligence work; so he KNOWS what he's talking about from experience, and highly documents all his research. His newsletter is something we in the Christian world should most certainly be paying close attention to at this critical time in our nation's history!


Start saving your 2 liter pop bottles and filling them with water; add half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide for purification, and store them in the basement!? It keeps this way for a long time and is drinkable with the peroxide! It may come in very handy if for any reason a water shortage hits! I think "drought in 39 states" is a pretty good indicator

that we might just be having a WATER SHORTAGE!? Ask your friends right now in Colorado what they think?? Now the question is, "Are things going to get better and go back to normal, or is it going to get WORSE?"

Why not just go ahead and prepare and have your family "covered" eitherway!? 


As sure as the sun rises, all the prophecies in the Bible are going to be fulfilled! And this may be the beginning of the end time famine period the Bible speaks of, or we could at least be entering some sort of large beginning cycle period of such, leading up to that time, which is similar! How can we know this? Because we know by the regathering of the nation of modern Israel that we are living in the END TIME, according to Bible prophecy!? Right!? .And that therefore, "THIS" generation shall not pass. So then, in light of that it would behoove us, when we hear of "the greatest drought in recorded history," on the news; to pay close attention to books like Joel that deal with the end time, world wide famine that is also predicted to occur during this same time!Famines are also spoken of as coming in the end time in Matthew chapter

24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation, and many other areas of Scripture! 


It's better to have these things and not need them, than to need them and not have them, and we may have to endure some "tough times" before the Lord returns to take us with Him in the rapture! No matter what your position is on that subject, we could still face hard times, and should therefore be prepared for them even if you consider ANY, AND EVERY view on the rapture!?


Other Christians in other nations down through time have endured such things. What makes us any different? When we hear news of such things, we should pray and prepare accordingly. I hope that this letter has been helpful as a wake up call, if you are not presently thinking about these things, and encourages you to begin preparing physically AND spiritually for both yourself and your loved ones. God bless you, and

make you a blessing. Thank you for your time. 


***Here are some important Christian Websites that are preparing folks

for HARD TIMES AHEAD and preaching the truth about what is coming:

(PLEASE tune in and listen to live shows on the web, recent shows you can

hear at any time, regular radio listings, as well as ordering their

NEWSLETTERS! Share this information with your Church and friends! We

OWE it to them, if we truly love them!) GET PREPARED~!!! (with Dr. Stanley Monteith) Call: 1-800-544-8927 (Gary Kah : Christian author) Call: 317-290-4673 (David J. Smith) Call: 1-800-516-8736 (Donald S. McAlvany) Call: 1-800-525-9556


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