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Ruth Graham's Letter to Dave MacPherson

By Dave MacPherson


Dear Non-Pretrib Partner:

I'm offering this 1975 letter from Mrs. Billy Graham to a handful of (you guessed it) non-pretrib partners. You are allowed to place it on your site, if you wish. I'm sending her letter via snail mail as I'm not able to send it via my computer. I thought it would be more effective in facsimile form.

 One does not have to agree with all of Billy Graham's beliefs or practices in order to benefit by the valuable information in her letter. Note that the pretrib rapture belief resulted in many Chinese Christians thinking that they didn't need to be prepared for big-time trouble when the Communists took over China more than a half century ago.

In light of the constant barrage of pretrib brainwashing, and in light of the recent terrorist attacks, it's more than possible that American (and other free) Christians are less prepared now than those Chinese Christians were! 

If you're tired of the pretrib deceivers who maintain that only heretics and nincompoops reject the pretrib rapture view, then please air this timely letter!

Rapturously in Him.

Dave MacPherson


And at Dave's request, I have posted Ruth Graham's Letter Below-- Jerry Giese


For a Larger View, Please Click on the Letter.


Little Piney Cove

Montreat, North Carolina 28757


March 31, 1975


Dear Dave:

Thank you far your letter of January 22nd. We were out of the country at the time and I am still finding letters on my desk that have not been answered.

And thank you for the copy of your book, "Late Great Pre-Trib Rapture."

The news from around the world of Christians suffering unbelievably is bound to make a "pre-tribber" do some serious thinking. Of course, I am sure they would say that the tribulation they have undergone is nothing to be compared with the"great tribulation," and they may be right. However, I would rather prepare myself to go through the tribulation and be happily surprised by an unexpected rapture, than expect to be raptured only to find myself going through tribulation. Perhaps not a very scholarly way of approaching the problem, but true none the less.

I was talking recently with an elderly missionary from China who told me that her greatest regrets now are not having prepared the Chinese Christians for the tribulation they would undergo. She said in her years in China she went everywhere teaching the pre-tribulation rapture and getting Christians to believe that they would not have to suffer for the Lord in that sense. The "great tribulation" may absolutely stagger the imagination, but still there is  only so much one person can suffer.

Anyway, thank you for your thought provoking book. I shall see that it gets into Bill's hands. I'm sure it's going to do a lot of good. Thanks for writing it.


Ruth B. Graham


Mr. Dave MacPherson

Heart-of-America Bible Society, Inc.

5528 Lydia Street

Kansas City, MO 64110


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